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1. Contractual Offer:

MEGAGAME shall be responsible for:

a) Set up & Dismantle

b) Technical support 

c) Operation of the games



a) All permits & licenses for the event.

b) All main power & water supplies.


2. Cancellation of Games:

a) The game cannot be cancelled within 24 hours. 

b) During the operation time or this special program, the game cannot be cancelled or delayed.

c) If MEGAGAME not receiving any deposit payment or revised confirmation, within 5 days from the date of the signed confirmation, the order will be automatically cancelled and subject to the confirmation. The Party needs to pay 20% as a handling fee from the total amount of the confirmation.

d) In case of cancellation on the project after confirmation of order. Minimum 100% of the total rental amount all sub-contractor costs plus any associate cost incurred will be charged to the client.

e) The client has to settle the outstanding balance, even though the event has to cancel or terminate during the contract period.

f) In case of the cancellation/postponement on the project after confirmation, the received deposit will be valid for six months from the date of the event. After six months, the outstanding payment has to be settled as a complete contract agreement. 


3. Payment Method: 

a) 50% Deposit payment on or before the day of the confirmation. 

b) 50% Balance payment on or before the set up day of the event.

c) Cheque should be crossed and made payable to MEGAGAME (INTERNATIONAL) LIMITED.


4. Late Payment:

a) Overdue Interest of 2.5% per month will be charged against the outstanding balance of the invoice from the due date.


5. Charges of Additional Event Days and Equipment:

a) Extra rental charge will be added for additional event day requested (based on mutual agreed) will be levied.

b) Extra rental charge will be added for additional equipment requested (based on mutual agreed) will be levied.


6. Indemnification and Liability:

a) The client shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless MEGAGAME from and against any claims, demand, cause of action, loss or liability for any property damage or personal injury arising from the event by any cause. 


7. Arrangement under Bad Weather:

a) If the Typhoon Signal 3 or higher is hoisted or an official Rainstorm Warning has been issued, all the games must be operated at the indoor or covered area based on the bad weather or raining conditions. Otherwise, the games cannot be operated. 

b) In case of Typhoon Signal 8 or higher or an official Black Rainstorm Warning has been hoisted/issued, all games will be postponed to a future date in agreement with the client. The rental date cannot be changed for rain, Typhoon Signal 1 or 3, Thunder Warning,      Yellow or Red Rain warnings or any other bad weather conditions.

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