Sky Adventure
  • Sky Adventure

    • High Visual Impact
    The distinct steel design will attract curious by-passers.

    • Tracking System
    The enclosed tracking system ensures the ultimate level of safety for participants by keeping them hooked in with a safety harness at all times.

    • Interchangeable Elements
    With over 30 elements available the course can be changed to keep it new and different for the customers.

    • Image Capture
    The player will be issued the certificate with our computerized capture image.

    • Details

      Single Level -
      22’W x 22’L x 22’H, 22’W x 30’L x 22’H, 30’W x 30’L x 22’H

      Double Level -
      22’W x 22’L x 30’H, 22’W x 30’L x 30’H, 30’W x 30’L x 30’H

      Recommended Load:
      5 Years old or up, Max. wt. 150lbs

      Occupancy of Each Hour:
      Single Level - 35 Players, Double Level - 80 Player